• What copyright means

Copy right refers to peoples’ works, which is legally licensed to protect peoples’ rights. There is fines that cost people to pay too much money for the copy right, that  infringement can be as high as $150,000 up to $250,000 if computer software is  also involved.  According to the huge advances and developments of digital technology  facilitate to copy and paste peoples’ thoughts , in turn, it promotes some interpretations that people think that they are fine to use other materials freely that do not named or protected by copyright.

  • What the four tests for fair use involves

Regarding the article I read, there are four fair use that considered as the guidelines which addressed as the follows:

  • People can use the intended materials but without any further commercial purposes.


  • There are considerably common facts that people can use, but people should be creative in forming these facts because the same written formats cause vulnerable doubt that this work is copied.


  • There should be a limit of material use, the guidelines for printed materials should be fewer than 250 words and no more than two pages to be copied, while the multimedia ups to three minutes or 10 percent.



  • The effect of using others’ works and ideas will be no rights for others efforts and people will tend to copy and paste without doing any further personal efforts to write or think. Also, if there is no copyright protect these individuals ‘works, there will be no creativeness and no value of their performance and redundancy.


  • Why the type of media involved matters

As it was clarified in the article these the following matters in making copyright and each one differ from to another in its use, restrictions and limits: Computer software, Internet materials, Distance learning, Multimedia materials, Audiotapes and videotapes, Print materials.  I think all of these matters because of the enormous advances of using the media and multimedia networks which enable the educators to lead the right way of using various media and practice the copyright.


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