Web 2.0 Sites Review


Web 2.0 has changed they way teachers teach and students learn.  It facilitates our education to help students with various tools to be creative in. Here are some websites that teachers and students can use to enhance their English domains such as writing, speaking, listening and reading.


Grammarly.com is a website that can be used to check and correct grammar and spelling mistakes. It also gives suggestions on how to use different words to enhance the meaning and sentences’ structure. Grammarly.com can be used by people of all ages and level of education.

It is very beneficial 2.0 website in a way that it is easy to access and use. It also does not require any previous knowledge to deal with. Most of the time, students find it difficult to find someone to check their writings. The website offers two different accounts with different features for each one. The free account offers an online correction only. While the premium version offers many additional features, such as plagiarism detector and writing style check. According to the standards students are able to be creative in their writing and easily can get feedback and correction from this website, thus, when they know their mistake they will avoid do it later on.   Grammarly.com is a perfect solution for those who want to improve and enhance their English writing.

English Central:

English Central is a web 2.0 platform that helps English Language Learners of all ages to learn and practice English by offering online materials. There are different levels of English courses that students can be enrolled into depending on the results of various placement tests. English Central’s platform can be accessed by students and teachers who need to provide their students with the course number or access code so that students can join classes.

Students can take different classes, such as communication skills, grammar, pronunciation, test preparation, and vocabulary. To accommodate different students’ interests, there are different topics that are being offered including: academic English, business English, media English, social English, travel English, and young Learners. The standard lies in a healthy competition between students and more authentic practice for English skills. Teachers can monitor students as they move up from one level to another.


Newsela is an innovative way to reinforce reading comprehension, it has daily news and nonfiction relevant. Such a Newsela website has 5 levels which makes it easy for an entire class to read the same content, but at a level that’s just right for each student where they are able to edit articles to a certain lexile will allows teachers to accommodate high and low readers with a daily vocabulary quiz. All of these will expand their linguistic and comprehension horizons. Teachers can create their own accounts and students should sign to the same session that teachers created. Teachers ask students to read specific article, then there will be a quiz to determine their grasping of the article and vocabulary as well. There will be effective discussion between students and their teacher. Regarding the standards, there will be such communicative, interactive, cooperative environment. Nwesela enhance the development of comprehension and gain rich academic vocabulary words. Students are more likely to be able to analyze, perused, and use critical thinking.


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