Multimedia in Clssroom


There is a huge and increased growth in the presence of multimedia in our lives, in particular, education which facilitates more enjoyable and effective environment for teacher and students. There are noticeable changes in the current classrooms compared with classrooms from one decade ago. Teachers and students used to have books mostly as resources. With existing the technology, there are plenty of resources and multimedia tools that enhance learning environment and increase engagement to learn. Nowadays, students are also centered in  the classroom and are more apt to have many chances to do their tasks and projects with huge digital tools, in turn,  teacher are easily able to improve their lesson plans and utilize their teaching methods by using technological tools. Here are some digital tools that enhance education:

Podcasting is way that people can distribute and publish a radio via digital tool.  All that it needs a digital audio recorder, space and blog to publish  in MP3 file. Using podcasting is not exclusive to one group, but it is used by whoever has a sort of interests and wants to share and publish their own messages. Distributing podcasting needs more experience and  listening to others’ podcasting to benefit more. “Crack, pops, and music all a part of the podcast genre”(p.113). The value of production is to have something more enjoyable and interesting. This is an example of digital recording and in our class, this was the first time for me to make a podcast which encouraged me to allow my students to practice and contribute their ideas to improve their four English domains and conversation and give them the opportunity to be creative in publishing their podcast. There is another idea that comes to my mind and that is allowing my students to publish their journal on a daily basis so they can be able to share with their peer what they have createdJ

Video publishing, YouTube is a common site to publish videos,  students in a college level prefer to upload their videos via YouTube. The great thing in these sites is they are free and unlimited use. Teachers can encourage students to create their own videos and urge them to be creative in their production. It is useful to show peoples’ works and productions to have glimpses of what others did and how. Both Moviemaker, iMovie and Zaption are good platforms to start the production of students’ videos and editing after filming and taking pictures.

Screencasting, I have never used it before and I really would like to use it with my students later on. It is a way in which teachers have slides or steps online so they can share it with their students that includes their sound and pictures as support to materials. Students have the opportunity to annotate their work with their voice and use visuals which is great practice, for example, in their description or comprehension in reading or analyzing the stories (plot, characters, and events)

Regarding the standards, it is noticeable that multimedia influence education in which students have more opportunities to share, produce the projects or work. This prepares them for their future to be creative citizens and have the 21th century skills. It broadens the effective productivity that increases and enhances communication, creativity, critical thinking and cooperation.


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